Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Retrieving Women's Pride- project.

RWP project is about reducing workload on women, empowering them and building up their natural resource base thru watershed inputs - in two gram panchayats near Tiuni (Baanpur and Jhitaad), on border of Uttarakhand and Himachal pradesh.

We had our first orientation meeting in the Vikasnagar office today - 13th June 2017. This project was delayed because of delays in our FCRA renewal. We have received FCRA renewal now and we will be making good speed now on various community level activities. First step will be to discuss, share with community and encouarge them to make a committee to implement the project. 

Early rains..

Few days ago, I was caught without woolens in Jakhdhar. It rained and then it became very cold - suddenly. But my Glacier training in ITBP came to my rescue and I knew what to do. Rains washed everything clean and the mountainside was green again..

Then, when I returned to Vikasnagar, I smelled early winter in the morning. A change of seasons is around, I feel. Dhaneshwari ji has been working on the grounds- and here is what a Sycus plant in the lawns looks like - thanks to her work. 

Growing up

A child- Arnav - was on SMTA campus a few days back. One day, when I heard a shrill excited voice coming from somewhere near the dogs on the grounds - I went out to investigate - in alarm! Then, I saw Arnav playing with dogs- as if they - Leo and Moti - were just another bunch of kids. Interestingly, they two were behaving very well with him. Caring for another animal and having someone to talk to- even if it is 'just' a dog - all these can be great ingredients to growing up. Yes, Arnav talks to them- asks them to be reasonable while eating, not to growl at each other and behave like "good Children". He regularly reminds his naani ji (Ms Dhaneshwari) to give them their lunch when due... and he wanted to take them back with him to his home in Rishikesh! He had my full permission to do so! But he did not!